What Are The 4 Agreements Of Life

Once you`ve learned a new agreement, you don`t have to focus your attention on it; it becomes automatic, and your answer is always the same. All the old chords that dominate your life are the result of a repetition, and the repeated application of the Four Accords will break many chords that make life difficult and unpleasant. Of course, it takes a lot of time and courage, so create something to remind you to draw your attention to this process and repeat it over and over again until you master it. On only 153 pages, Ruiz shares the “old Toltec wisdom,” divided into four concise principles for life. “If you`re used to taking nothing personally, you avoid a lot of trouble in your life. Your anger, jealousy and envy will disappear, and even your sadness will disappear if you do not take things personally. — Don Miguel Ruiz The action is first aware that if you are unhappy, it is because of an action you have taken. Second, to use your attention to identify the steps you have taken. Third, draw their attention to the four agreements and apply them to each action. With this process, every act in your life can be moved in the following way: consciousness, attention, action, reaction. The result is very powerful.

If there is something in your life that you don`t like, you must first be aware that it is the result of a choice you have made. If you take a step back and focus your attention on what happened just before this result, you will find what you did that caused the result that you don`t want. Once you find out what steps you`ve taken, the next step is to forgive yourself for the reaction and change the choice, change the action and see what the reaction is. If you don`t like the result, change it over and over again until you get the desired result. The way we make assumptions is because we believe we know what others think and feel. We think we know their point of view, their dream. We forget that our convictions are only our point of view, based on our belief system and personal experience, which have nothing to do with what others think and feel. We assume that everyone judges us, abuses us, harasses us and blames us for the way we do it ourselves.

That is why we oppose us before others have the opportunity to refuse us. If we think that way, it will be difficult to be in the world. Take action and be aware of what you want or don`t want; Applause and make assumptions about things that others tell you. Respect other points of view and avoid just to be right. Respect yourself and be honest with yourself. Stop waiting for people around you what`s in your head. The second agreement offers readers the opportunity to manage the hurtful treatments of others that they can experience in life. She argues that it is important to have a strong self-concept and not to have to rely on the opinions of others to be satisfied and satisfied with their self-concept. This agreement also allows readers to understand the idea that each individual has a unique vision of the world that changes his or her own perception and that a person`s actions and beliefs are a projection of his or her personal reality. [1] Ruiz believes that anger, jealousy, envy and even sadness can subside or dissipate as soon as an individual stops taking things in person.

[8] Third, you do not make assumptions about what others think of you. There is no way you know what`s in their head or how they dream. Have the courage to ask questions, no matter what the situation in front of you. Is this scheme not working? This kind of training program doesn`t work? And the apology can last forever.