Playout Agreement

“RedBee has been an important partner for many years and we are pleased to renew our Playout and Access Services relationship,” says Orpheus Warr, CTO Channel 4 “The transition to a flexible, resilient and fully virtualized dual site solution clearly demonstrates Red Bee`s commitment to providing utility and quality of service through service innovation.” In broadcasting, Playout is the broadcast of radio or television channels produced by a channel[1] on terrestrial networks that provide content to the public. These networks may consist of terrestrial transmitters of analogue or digital radios and televisions, cable networks or satellites (for direct reception, DTH or cable television media). Red Bee Media is expanding its relationship with Channel 4 and will provide playout and access services to all channels of the British channel. Playout Services are actively/actively delivered by red Bee`s Facilities in Broadcast Centre, London and Media City UK, Salford. Access services will continue to be provided from a number of sites in the UK. When the contract is renewed, Channel 4 will be placed aboard Red Bee`s playout platform, which will be available for events at the 2019 IBC in Amsterdam. The playback plan is established in the client`s broadcast programming system and exported in a format suitable for use in the playout system. There is a move to SMPTE-22, known as Broadcast Exchange Format (BXF) to try to convey messages. SI Media – Harmonic OEM Agreement: NEVA At the recent NAB show in Vegas, SI Media and Harmonic Inc. announced the signing of an OEM agreement.

As we approach… Playout is one of the basic infrastructures of a play-out center. Mostly called as a channel in a boxing server, but essentially consisted of playout servers with built-in graphics and IP or ASI outputs. The primary goal of reading centres is to serve customers a simple file-based television system. Up-Link and the TV channel in a boxing server simply offer the possibility. “We are pleased to be working with Encompass as it has made a name for itself worldwide and locally for seamless playout and VOD services in multiple formats and languages,” said Pierre Danon, Executive Chairman of All Media Baltics. “Encompass will enable All Media Baltics not only to provide existing SD linear services, but also to perform a series of upgrades to provide HD playback to our channels throughout the Baltic region.” RIGA AND LONDON (November 21, 2017) – Digital Encompass Media, a global technology services company that offers end-to-end videoplay and distribution solutions for broadcast and digital media companies, and All Media Baltics have entered into a multi-year contract for comprehensive play-off services, including master-control, demand recovery, VOD processing and media acquisition from its Riga, Latvian site. Red Bee`s unique pure software play-out platform, which runs on the company`s new hybrid cloud platform, enables the rapidly configure and delivery of new TV services, and offers companies such as Channel 4 the ability to quickly launch new channels and features.