Party Wall Agreement Scaffolding

My old neighbor went to a nursing home. Yesterday I heard a very nasty man yelling at a woman. I went around to see if she was okay. It turned out that it was the son-in-law of the old lady who trembled aggressively. We did some construction work – I informed the daughter of the elderly lady (bad woman of Man). He says I need a party wall deed to install scaffolding for my detached house, which is not on their property and for which we do not need access to his mother-in-law. I`m afraid the scaffolding bars above their fence will explode a little. I have not been rude or retaliatory against him. He told my architect to tell me.

He does not own the property, but I am sure his wife, who looks broken, has a power of attorney. The previous owners had previously installed scaffolding without party walls. We`re replacing the smoky roof. I didn`t sleep last night to take care of myself and his wife. Before scaffolding is installed, a written record of the adjacent owner`s parts threatened by the work should be established, along with a series of accompanying photographs. This status plan is then attached to the license and can be returned if damage is reported. Ms. Murray was one of our former owners, for whom we had provided construction assistance about five years earlier for changes to her land. She contacted us in a state of distress when owners working on an extension of the adjacent property had invaded their property and installed scaffolding along their side access road without their permission. You should make sure that there is a festive wall bonus, which can then determine what is needed for the contractor to do his work. How long can I legally occupy my neighbour`s country during my project? It depends on the size of the project and it is necessary for the designated party surveyor or surveyors to accept and solidify as part of the prize.

This could be a period of 4 to 10 weeks to say a domestic extension or maybe up to 2 years for a larger development like building a tower block. However, PWA 1996 cannot grant any right of access for non-compliance work. The distinction between what is and what is not may be small. For example, scaffolding built for the installation of a flashing scaffold is permitted (as a sage), but the same scaffolding that remains for other purposes would require separate authorization.