Kapco Power Purchase Agreement

The terms of the Memorandum of Understanding must be approved by the Federal Cabinet and the Company`s Board of Directors if, after the bargaining committee and the company, the terms and procedures and specific issues of the company are agreed and documented within an agreed time frame, after which they must be submitted to the relevant counterparties, which are followed by legal documents for the modification of the rates and corresponding agreements. In addition, the moU`s conditions are subject to the necessary business authorizations. The Kot Addu power plant was built by the Water and Development Agency (WAPDA) in five phases between 1985 and 1996 in muzaffargarh district, southern Punjab. In 1996, the same year of its creation, the company was partially privatized, with 36% of its shares sold to strategic investors. In 2005, the company was listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange. Apart from KAPCO, it is not yet fully operational. Kapco still has five to ten years of operation, according to Nabeel Aberki, a research analyst at Taurus Securities, a brokerage firm, in a July 7 news release to clients. He notes, however, that there may no longer be an appetite for independent electricity producers (IPPs) among investors. Kot Addu Power Company – 15 power plants (multi-fuels: gas, stove oil and diesel) with a rated capacity of 1,600 megawatts – is the country`s largest independent electricity producer. The KAPCO plant may be using LNG fuel, but I`m not helping to use coal as one of the comments. Several reviews that it could be used for 5 to 10 others may be analyzed by experts, but these plants are like houses and can be renovated, leaving the main columns at its original position and will work almost 80% against new plants. Steam production of the plant for a capacity of 50 to 78%.

Some say I designed the facility to generate steam capacity from 85 to 90%, but it was theoretical, practically it is not possible, I have 25 years experience in boiler design and construction. Do not waste the plant, I know there may be parties who buy the plant when they explained scrap to Pennie and re-use their parts, renovate the plant and wander it elsewhere to sell the electricity generation to us on new prices or maybe export the plant. What`s the conclusion? We should keep kapco shares for maybe beyond 2021 or sell them at 24%. Please make a report.