Dennis Block Lease Agreement

Bruce asked if he had rented a property to someone, and a few months later he had to leave the property. He asked if he had the right to do so, or would the tenant have more control? His example here is that if you rent a property for a year, if the tenant moves in, you have to sell the property because of an emergency. Bruce wondered if you had the right to sell it. Dennis said the owner has every right to sell the property, but unfortunately they sell the property with a one-year lease. The tenant can sit there for a year, unless he has done something wrong. The buyer would purchase this property subject to this lease agreement. Often it`s fine with the buyer, other times they might like to sit on it for a while. They would take the rent from the landlord, and then they would make a decision at the end of the year on what to do with it. Bruce gave an example of how someone bought a property and discovered that it had been reoccupied by someone who had just moved into that property.

It`s something Dennis said he sees all the time. The scenario is that you have an empty house that you are willing to sell, and if you come to the property, you will see a family living there. The person says they are the tenant and they pay the rent. Then the landlord will say that they are the landlord and wonder to whom the rent is paid. They will tell whom they pay the rent and post a lease. Your first thought will be to call the police, because the people in your house are overtaking each other. The police will be there to question people, and in most cases, the police won`t do anything. You will say that this is a civil matter. People will call Dennis, and his company will drop off an illegitimate inmate. In this case, he is called a forced detainee, so dennis must go through a case of regular eviction to dislodge someone from his own property. It is as if someone goes into a bank and robs it, and the owner of the bank has to go through a legal process to drive the person out of the bank. That`s crazy.

Newsoms Executive Order allows local governments to prohibit landlords from evicting tenants who suffer loss of income related to LA COVID-19. But its policy and many local moratoriums do not extend protection to other reasons for eviction, such as an owner who accuses harassment or other violation of the right to rent. Landlord groups have begun to dissolve their members, end tenant evictions, eliminate planned rent increases and waive late fees for non-payment — all previously unthinkable proposals from homeowners who have spent tens of millions of dollars blocking government and local elections to extend rent control. L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti has issued orders in recent days that temporarily block evictions of people affected by coronavirus and, in situations where landlords are planning to remove rental housing from the market. When marijuana laws were created in California, the hype was that people would only need them for three purposes: terminal cancer, IDA or glaucoma. That`s all. 99.9% of licensed people don`t really have this problem, they just want to smoke marijuana. People write laws, and it is difficult to manage them. Dennis said that when he`s dealing with people, sometimes he has to be smart and find out where they are.