British Airways Pilot Agreement

As part of the agreement, 270 of the 4,300 ba pilots will be licensed. The rest will experience an immediate 20% reduction in wages, which is expected to fall to 8% within two years. The agreement also states that wage levels are being restored to an undetermined “long-term” future point. A reserve of 300 pilots with reduced salaries should consist of part-time staff who will not return to work until demand in the aviation sector increases. BALPA welcomes the first training standard for pilot airlines in the UK. BALPA is shocked by the scale of easyJet`s potential job losses, which are almost 1 in 3 of easyJet`s pilots in the UK. The High Court heard today Ryanair`s attempt to prevent pilots employed in the UK from taking strike action as planned tomorrow and Friday [22 and 23 August] and from 2 to 4 September. The British Airline Pilots Association (BALPA) said that without significant state support, there would be no UK aviation industry. The pilots` union wants the government to look into the end of the crisis and recognise the crucial role that aviation will play in supporting the recovery. Many of the mandatory layoffs of Boeing 747 pilots are expected to take place, as the type of British Airways will be retired. The British Pilots Association welcomes the application of stricter restrictions on the importation of high-performance laser pointers.

BALPA welcomes the pilots` concerns about the risk of collisions with drones, which are finally taken into account. “As a result, there will be some mandatory layoffs in the pilot community, and that is a great regret. EasyJet`s BALPA members voted overwhelmingly in favour of industrial action in the pilot fatigue dispute. BALPA has corrected BA`s rotation that discussions with the pilots` union are planned to resolve the current tariff dispute. No discussion is planned at this time. A British pilot explains how dangerous a bird shot could be for an aircraft. The British AirLine Pilots` Association (BALPA) today authorised a strike at Thomas Cook Airlines after 91% of pilots voted in favour of measures in a dispute over their wage negotiations in 2017. easyJet and BALPA today discussed a number of proposals to reduce pilot fatigue, which will be submitted to pilots in an advisory vote. The British Airline Pilots` Association, which represents nearly 10,000 British pilots, responded to a survey published today among aircraft pilots.